John Howe Peyton's Montgomery Hall

Charles, son of Eliza

Location: Staunton, Virginia

Charles, son of Eliza, was born in late 1861 or early 1862 in Rockingham County, Virginia. He was sold together with Eliza in 1862, $1,000.00.

Eliza was a daughter of Lucy (wife of Ruben) and was living at John Howe Peyton’s Lower Farm in Alleghany County, Virginia in 1847. Eliza was appraised in 1847, $150.00. John Howe Peyton died in 1847 and most of the men, women, and children living at his farms in Alleghany County, Virginia were sold at public auction at the Lower Farm on November 15, 1847. Eliza was not sold. She was brought to Montgomery Hall in 1848. She was described at that time as “an afflicted girl.”

Eliza had at least one sibling, a sister, Jane, who was brought to Montgomery Hall in 1847 with her son, Sam.

Eliza was owned by the Peyton estate until 1862 and was hired out to work for others.


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