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Edmond Anderson

Edmond Anderson was born c. 1810 in Bath County, Virginia. His wife, Rosetta Lucas, was born c. 1818 in Augusta County, Virginia and was also formerly owned by William Madison Peyton. Peyton owned other members of Edmond Anderson’s extended family and some were sold along with many other enslaved men, women, and children when Peyton sold “Elmwood,” now Elmwood Park in Roanoke, Virginia. William Madison Peyton lived in Staunton, Virginia, in Bath County, Virginia, in Roanoke County, Virginia at “Elmwood,” in New York, at “Alta Vista” in Albemarle County, Virginia, and also owned property in what is now West Virginia. Edmond Anderson and Rosetta Lucas registered their marriage and five children with the Freedmen’s Bureau in Washington County, Virginia:

  • Jane Anderson, 26, born c. 1840
  • Charles Anderson, 24, born c. 1842
  • Edmond Anderson, 21, born c. 1845
  • Melvin Anderson, 19, born c. 1847
  • Leslie Anderson, 17, born c. 1849

For more information about the children of Edmond Anderson and Rosetta Lucas, please see their individual pages.

Edmond Anderson and his wife lived in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. Anderson was a carpenter, likely working with his sons Leslie and Charles. Edmond and Rosetta Anderson lived next to their daughter, Jane (Anderson) Bird and her husband, David Bird. After the death of his wife in 1877, Edmond Anderson lived with his son, Leslie. Edmond Anderson died in 1887 and is buried with his wife in the former African-American section of Sinking Spring Cemetery in Abingdon, Virginia. Edmond Anderson’s estate was settled in Abingdon.


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