John Howe Peyton's Montgomery Hall

Abraham Wallace

Location: the Lower Farm, Alleghany County, Virginia

Abraham Wallace was appraised in 1847, $1,000.00. He was sold at public auction at the Lower Farm on November 15, 1847 to Henry Massie, $985.00.

Abraham Wallace was born c. 1821. He was a skilled blacksmith while enslaved and continued in this trade after the Civil War. Wallace married Jane Strange, born c. 1834 in Alleghany County, Virginia, a daughter of David Strange and Venus. Jane and her family were also owned by Henry Massie of “Falling Spring.” Massie’s first wife, Susan Preston Lewis, was a sister of Ann Montgomery Lewis Peyton.

Jane, Abraham, and their children later lived in Loudoun County, Virginia. Sinah Temperance, born c. 1769 in Stafford County, Virginia, lived with the Wallace family until her death in 1872. (For more information about Sinah Temperance, please see her individual page,)

Abraham Wallace and Jane (Strange) Wallace had the following known children:

  • William Page Wallace, born c. 1850, married Easter Sidney, born c. 1854
  • Margaret Wallace, born c. 1853, married Paul Manson, born c. 1847 in Henrico County, Virginia
  • David Wallace, born c. 1855/1858
  • Hezekiah Wallace, died 1876
  • Elmira “Myra” Wallace, born c. 1865, married Thomas Burke, born c. 1862 in Prince William County, Virginia
  • Abraham Wallace, born c. 1868
  • John Wallace, born c. 1870

Jane Wallace died in 1883. For more about her parents and siblings, please see Virginia Historical Society’s Unknown No Longer website.


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