John Howe Peyton's Montgomery Hall

Ann Montgomery Lewis Peyton (1803-1850)

Ann Montgomery Lewis was born March 3, 1803 in Sweet Springs, Virginia, now West Virginia. She was a daughter of John Lewis and Mary Preston and a great-granddaughter of John Lewis, known as the founder of Augusta County, Virginia and the town of Staunton, Virginia. She was also a granddaughter of Col. William Preston of “Smithfield.” Her uncle, James Patton Preston, one of the many distinguished children of Col. William Preston, was Governor of Virginia. She married John Howe Peyton on September 13, 1821 near the Sweet Springs in Virginia (now West Virginia). Montgomery Hall was later named in her honor. She was the second wife of John Howe Peyton and a first cousin of his first wife, Susan Smith Madison. Their mothers, Mary Preston Lewis and Elizabeth Preston Madison, were sisters. John Howe Peyton and Ann Montgomery Lewis had ten children. Some of Ann Montgomery Lewis Peyton’s younger siblings lived at Montgomery Hall for periods of time after the death of their mother, Mary Preston Lewis, in 1824. Ann Montgomery Lewis Peyton died on July 15, 1850 at Montgomery Hall and is buried in Trinity churchyard in Staunton.


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