John Howe Peyton's Montgomery Hall

Anne Hooe Peyton (1755-1837)

Anne Hooe Peyton, mother of John Howe Peyton, was born March 16, 1755 in Prince William County. She was a daughter of Howson Hooe II and Mary Dade. She married John Rowzee Peyton (1754- 1798) in 1775 and they lived at Stony Hill in Stafford County. They had six children: Garnett, who married Agatha Strother Madison (sister of his brother’s first wife), John Howe, Lucy, Rowzee, Ann, and Bernard. Toward the end of her life, Anne Hooe Peyton lived at Montgomery Hall in a brick cottage that her son had built specifically for her. The cottage remained at Montgomery Hall until her great -grandson, Lawrence Washington Howe Peyton, had it dismantled and rebuilt at Steephill where it stands today. Anne Hooe Peyton died at Montgomery Hall on January 1, 1837.


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