John Howe Peyton's Montgomery Hall

D. D. Chidester and Elizabeth M. Chidester

Davitt D. Chidester (1851-1927), owner of the Chidester Chemical Company in Pennsylvania, purchased Montgomery Hall, by then reduced to 162 acres more or less. Chidester died later in 1927 after transferring ownership of the Montgomery Hall property to John A. Kennedy. In 1928, his widow, Elizabeth M. Chidester, purchased the Montgomery Hall tract, minus eight acres.

Mrs. Chidester, who was living in Philadelphia, worked out a caretaker’s agreement in 1929 with Maude Carwell Anderson (1889-1983), also a widow, to maintain the property and prevent further vandalism of the residence until a buyer could be found. They were introduced to each other by Mrs. Kennedy. Montgomery Hall was sold at public auction in 1932 to Alexander C. Thomas and his wife, Elizabeth D. Thomas.


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