John Howe Peyton's Montgomery Hall

John Lewis Peyton (1824-1896)

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John Lewis Peyton, author and historian, 1824-1896


John Lewis Peyton, the first son born to John Howe Peyton and Ann Montgomery Lewis, was born September 15, 1824 at Montgomery Hall. He died at Steephill in Staunton, Virginia on May 22, 1896. He is buried in Thornrose Cemetery in Staunton. He married Eliza Clark Washington (1835-1907), daughter of John Cobb Washington and Mary Ann Bond at Vernon in Kinston, Lenoir County, North Carolina, on December 17, 1855. He was a lawyer for a short time and an author. He was an agent for the State of North Carolina based in England during the Civil War and lived on Guernsey, the Channel Islands for many years. John Lewis Peyton and Eliza Clark Washington had one child, Lawrence Washington Howe Peyton (1872-1949).

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  • Suggestions on Railroad Communication with the Pacific and the Trade of China and the Indian Islands, Chicago, 1853
  • A Statistical View of the State of Illinois, Chicago, 1855
  • The American Crisis or Pages from the Note-Book of a State Agent During the Civil War in America, London, 1867
  • The Adventures of my Grandfather, London, 1867
  • Over the Alleghanies and Through the Prairies/Personal Recollections of the Far West One and Twenty Years Ago, London, 1869
  • Memoir of William Madison Peyton, London, 1873
  • History of Augusta County, Staunton, 1882
  • The Glasse of Time, 1886 (edited and republished The Glasse of Time by Thomas Peyton of Lincoln’s Inn)
  • Rambling Reminiscences of a Residence Abroad, Staunton, 1888
  • Tom Swindel or the Adventures of a Boomer, Staunton, 1893 (edited)
  • Memoir of John Howe Peyton in Sketches by his Contemporaries, Staunton, 1894 (compiled, wrote, and edited)
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John Lewis Peyton’s Steephill


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