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I found quite a few interesting and significant items this week

  • New details about the lives of enslaved individuals (Scipio, Sarah Moore and her daughter, Harrietta, Nancy Moore, Eliza, daughter of Lucy, and Eliza’s child) and have already added some of these details to the Database.
  • T. J. Collins & Son designed a two-story addition and plans for renovation of Montgomery Hall in the spring of 1903 for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walter. The firm of E. W. Stewart & Co. and other subcontractors completed the addition and other renovations and alterations based on these plans by the end of 1903. Several dependencies original to John Howe Peyton’s ownership were torn down at that time.
  • New information about the sale (in parcels of varying sizes) of Spring Farm by the executor of W. W. Donaghe, Sr.’s estate, including the 90 acres that became John Lewis Peyton’s Steephill in 1877 and the Gum Spring acreage (now Gypsy Hill Park) originally purchased by Staunton for the town water supply.
  • Peyton family correspondence relating to the reinterment of Peyton family members at Aquia Episcopal Church, including a description of the original gravesites at Stony Hill.
  • New details of William Madison Peyton’s life

One item made me smile: The words engraved on the brass collar worn by John Lewis Peyton’s dog, an enormous, but very gentle Mastiff:

“Let knaves, thieves, tramps, and scamps beware of coming near my Steephill lair. My name it simply is Forepaughs, my duty to defend the laws- Yes-sir e bob! I snaps and bites all trenchers on my master’s rights.”



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